The Consortium for System of Systems Security (SOSSEC) offers a uniquely rapid, cost-efficient and collaborative contracting vehicle. As an alternative to the often complex Federal Acquisition Regulation, which might discourage small non-traditional entities from seeking to work with the Government, SOSSEC provides its members and eligible Federal agencies a user-friendly partnership path.

The Consortium for System of Systems Security (SOSSEC)

SOSSEC, Inc. is chartered as the single point of contact activity for the System of Systems Security (SOSSEC) Consortium, and offers the unique ability to integrate and harness the power of a diverse consortium of organizations. The Government in conjunction with the System of Systems Security Consortium manages a coordinated research and development program designed to develop prototype Homeland Defense and related technologies. Under this agreement and associated awards, the Government, along with the non-government members from the System of Systems Security Consortium, performs coordinated planning and research and development prototype efforts.

Other transaction authority (OTA)

The award of an Other Transactions Authority (OTA), W15QKN-12-9-1006, by the US Army (ARDEC) recognizes the Consortium as the provider of R&D for Homeland Defense programs at ARDEC. SOSSEC, Incorporated is designated in the OTA as the Consortium Administrative Organization (CAO). There are many benefits to using an OTA, primarily decreased acquisition time and cost. There are other notable benefits, making the OTA a unique and desirable tool for program and contract managers alike, including:

  • Federal funding can be obligated quickly; research projects are awarded generally within 45 to 60 days.

  • An OTA is not a contract, grant or cooperative agreement; as a result, an OTA is not subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) or its supplements.

  • Projects awarded under an OTA are not subject to DCAA audits.

  • Government rights to intellectual property are generally minimal and negotiable.

  • Awards cannot be protested.

  • Competition is required only to the maximum extent practicable.

  • The Government is allowed to openly discuss requirements and to collaborate with contractors to obtain the best approach for developing technology.

  • OTA projects generally are awarded on a Firm Fixed Price basis.

  • Payments are made based on measurable milestone achievements.

Established process for Ota execution

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