Customer Relationship Management Services

Cask’s integrated framework encompasses all aspects of customer service delivery.

Enabling an organization to deliver world class customer service requires the implementation of a comprehensive approach that takes into account:
  • How your customers interact with you digitally by providing a support portal capable of providing relevant and targeted information
  • The underlying processes that serve as the foundation for your support organization to function smoothly and efficiently
  • The platform that is implemented to record and manage customer interactions, host the support portal, and ensure that proper levels of service are tied to your most important accounts

Cask’s comprehensive approach to customer service management is backed by our award-winning team of designers, consultants, and technical experts. We work closely with our clients so they can be empowered to focus on their customers.

The team at Cask is comprised of a broad array of experts in order to deliver a complete solution for our clients. Our mission is to ensure that all facets of customer service enablement, whether it be based on technical, procedural, or artistic needs, are solutions we can provide to our clients.

 Cask offers the following in Customer Service Management:
  • ServiceNow platform implementation and integration
  • User Experience (information architecture, wireframes, prototypes, use case scenarios)
  • User Interface (branding, aesthetic design, navigational metaphors)
  • Organizational Change Management to increase adoption of the CSM platform and processes
  • Call Center optimization to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of those who provide essential customer support
  • Product lifecycle management to ensure that customers receive targeted support for the products and services they’ve acquired
  • Knowledge Management process improvement to empower your customers with self-service support
  • Case Management process improvement so interactions with your customers are managed by the right team, with the right resolution