Portfolio Management

Extending The Value of Your Investments with Portfolio Management

Let Cask help you extend the value of your investments by making better investment decisions. We will help you match investments to objectives and balance risk against performance.
Service Portfolio Management

Make better investment decisions and extend the IT value chain with Service Portfolio Management.
Build (and sell) services that drive business value
Enable organizational capabilities necessary to manage your portfolio of services across the service lifecycle.
Govern a service portfolio that can be used to demonstrate value and make better investment decisions

Application Portfolio Management

Rationalize your applications and simplify application portfolio assets. Align your applications to business capabilities and objectives. Cask can help you build an application portfolio management capability including the process, governance and automation requirements to support your APM goals.

Project Portfolio Management

Do you have difficulty prioritizing projects or have lots of projects inflight and can’t see what’s going on? Are your projects plagued by cost overruns and poor quality?

Cask can help you develop and a Project Portfolio Management capability that will extend and create better efficiencies, provide more transparency and help you prioritize projects across the enterprise.