Cask awarded NATO BOA


December 15, 2011 – San Diego, CA – Cask, LLC, a provider of technology and business advisory services to commercial and government clients, announced today its addition of the NATO Basic Order Agreement to their Government Contracts.

Cask is a supplier through NC3A to all NATO entities under contract NC3A/BOA/13341. NATO C3 Agency Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs) are acquisition instruments negotiated between suppliers of products or services and NATO C3 Agency on behalf of NATO in accordance with the referential NATO guidelines and procedures. Under their Charter, NATO C3 Agency roles consist of central planning, systems integration, design, systems engineering, technical support and configuration control for NATO C3 systems and installations. LEARN MORE

About Cask

Cask’s “Acquisition Engineering” approach utilizes a process and portfolio view to ensure all aspects and impacts are considered early. This includes cost, estimation, business case, statutory & regulatory guidelines, organization, process and resources. Whether in-country or CONUS, Cask has the capabilities and experience to guarantee results, and ensure a content and prepared US partner nation. Leveraging Cask’s expertise ensures that every step in the process is completed thoroughly, accurately, on time, and in the prescribed method, as directed by the MILDEP, DoD, and the USG.


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