IT Financial Management (ITFM)

Unlock the Hidden Value of you IT Investments With Service + Financial Management

Cask can help you leverage the best of both IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Financial Management (ITFM) practices that will provide you the key to unlock the hidden value of your IT investments and make good on the promises and expectations associated with running IT like a business by:
  • Changing the dialog with your customers from “why does IT cost so much” to “we’d like
    to buy more of that.”
  • Linking your services to a cost model that shows a clear value proposition for your customers.
  • Establishing a service investment mindset that places IT at the table with business leaders for
    more meaningful discussions by showing them costs in terms they understand.
  • Leveraging Cask’s portfolio management and service complete methodology to enable services
    that will be a game changer for your organization.
Cask’s Pathways to Success
  • Do you have constant pressure to reduce costs and get budgets approved?
  • Do you struggle with low perception of IT value in your organization?
  • Do the revenue departments see IT as a cost center instead of a strategic partner?
  • Are you having to continually defend why IT costs so much?

Cask can help you transform from a cost center (What IT Does) to a strategic partner (What IT Sells) by leveraging IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Financial Management (ITFM) practices.

  • Value Assessment
  • Functional Cost vTransparency
  • Service Cost Transparency
  • Service Investment Management
  • Service Accounting

Cask has a proven methodology that will get you on the right pathway to success.