Cask helps clients effectively use PPM processes for efficient planning, acquisition, assessment, management, and control of information systems through progressive steps that ensure proper review, approval, and execution.

Our approach to acquisition strategy ensures the client owns the project, executes overall project management, and remains accountable for delivering the product or service to end-users. Client responsibilities go beyond supplier product delivery and include overall integration, transition to operation, and insight into continued adequacy.

Cask Program Support Services Include

Project and Portfolio Management Implementation

The Cask approach to PMM leads to consistently successful IT management by incorporating government and commercial best practices through a consistent, repeatable process that provides a standard structure for planning, management, and oversight of projects through their entire lifecycle.

Organizational Change Management

Cask provides required OCM processes and tools that are essential to realize full business value from the change, create lasting behavior changes, and integrate with and support ANY project. Cask capabilities ensure that our clients reduce their risk, increase the speed of transformation and secure project ROI.

Acquisition Strategy and Procurement

Cask helps clients adopt business strategies to improve operational efficiencies by leveraging supplier capabilities to deliver quality solutions rapidly, at lower cost, and with the most appropriate technology.