Cask engineering services are based on proven best practices and standards formalized in professional bodies of knowledge. We recognize that by executing industry-leading standard frameworks, our customers receive the highest quality results without becoming locked into proprietary methodologies, technologies, or suppliers.

Our 360-degree holistic approach provides technical and analytical engineering services—the foundation of our mission to deliver the best combination of skill, agility, knowledge, and dedication to enable successful execution.
Our personnel share one principal goal: to support our customers by ensuring an affordable, operationally effective and suitable capability is delivered in a timely manner to satisfy the need and adapt to ever-changing conditions.

Cask Systems Engineering Services:

Acquisition Systems Engineering Services

Cask works with clients from initial requirement identification through the operational and support phases. We help plan and execute System Engineering Technical Review (SETR) events and manage technical risks throughout the system lifecycle.

Test and Evaluation Services

Cask provides engineers and decision-makers with the necessary knowledge to manage risks, measure progress, and evaluate operational effectiveness, suitability and survivability (including cybersecurity) as well as lethality.

Cloud Engineering Services

Cask Cloud Engineering support services is Cloud Service Provider (CSP)-agnostic. Our team helps clients identify multiple migration options by working closely to find a solution that best fits their current operating environment without forcing any one option.

Science and Technology Management Services

Our S&T management support services work with customers at all Technology Readiness Levels (TRL). We provide support to identify technology gaps, create funding proposals, and assist in the execution of S&T funds. We provide expertise across multiple domains to develop and mature the technologies you need to achieve operational goals.

Enterprise Architecture Services

Cask provides Enterprise Architecture support on a per-system basis and can also integrate architectures at the portfolio and enterprise level. The “systems of systems” view of EA addresses interface bottlenecks and highlights opportunities for cost-saving efficiencies.