Cask is a leading provider of comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations.

With a commitment to 24x7x365 support, we deliver high-level expertise and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the security, resilience, and integrity of systems and data.

Cask Cybersecurity Services Include:

Incident Handling Services

We offer technical execution of incident handling functions, providing prompt response and resolution to cybersecurity incidents.

Threat Detection and Analysis

Cask provides Threat Detection Analysts to safeguard enterprise networks from malware, unwanted programs, and hackers. Our experts utilize advanced tools to parse event logs, analyze alerts, prioritize threats, and maintain situational awareness of global networks. We develop detailed reports to assist incident responders in mitigating damage and protecting critical resources and data.

Cyber Defense Incident Response:

Our Cyber Defense Incident Response Analysts investigate, analyze, and respond to cyber incidents within network environments. We utilize state-of-the-art security tools to identify cyberattacks, block threats, aid in recovery efforts, and produce comprehensive reports to classify incidents based on severity.

Red Team Cyber Threat Analysis

Cask conducts thorough security testing of software and systems through penetration testing and compliance evaluation of production web applications. Our team performs reconnaissance, gathers information, conducts testing, and reports vulnerabilities and compliance violations to enhance the overall security posture.

Signature Development and IPS/IDS Support

Our Signature Development Analysts support the IPS/IDS Sensor Management team, ensuring rapid threat detection and response through intelligence reports and open-source research. By staying up to date with emerging threats, we create actionable Indicators of Compromise, develop IDS and IPS signatures, and offer recommendations to enhance network monitoring capabilities.

ISSO Support and Vulnerability Management

Cask provides ISSO support to maintain Assessment and Authorization (A&A) documentation and execute vulnerability management for systems. Our ISSO team ensures comprehensive documentation of vulnerabilities, conducts reviews, performs scans, and assists with patching to maintain compliance with operational directives.

At Cask, we are dedicated to partnering with organizations to protect their critical assets from cyber threats.

Contact us today to learn more about our trusted Cybersecurity solutions and how we can support your operational excellence.