Cask’s success is based upon its most valuable assets – the people who work here. We strive to infuse our culture with the trust that makes people comfortable. Integrity serves as the backbone of our company and a spirit of teamwork makes every person an active participant in Cask’s future.

Cask is committed to achieving success by embracing the principles embodied in its core values:

Committed and Accountable

  • Team work

  • Mission focus

  • Do what is right

  • Say what you mean, do what you say

  • Commitment to mutually beneficial outcomes

Empathy and Situational Awareness

  • Seeks to understand

  • Puts themselves in others shoes

  • Treats others as you would want to be treated

Want and Actually Make a Difference

  • Proactive

  • Outcome and results oriented

  • Make Cask continually great

  • Self motivated

Multi-Skilled and High Performing

  • Continuous enhancement (self & skill)

  • Artisan Engineer

  • Flexible & agile

  • Self managing

Gravitas and Humility

  • Strong positive impression

  • Command & confidence

  • Not arrogant

  • Authentic

  • Presence

  • “A” Player