Enhance your Users’ ServiceNow® User Experience with our AWESOME Portal Design

Digitize the User Experience – get a modern, compelling update to your site, with the ability to access with ease on any device

Our four phased approach to build a user centered experience and design ensures a positive experience for end users mapped to a unified enterprise vision. Our experience includes providing this service for ServiceNow itself! Contact us to learn more about our approach and how it can work for you.
Our Approach

Discover: Cask will help you obtain and review the necessary documents and capabilities to understand any existing sites, the technical and graphic considerations and clearly articulate the short and long-term vision.

Innovate: During this phase Cask will begin the development of the overall information architecture, which is a combination of art and science that focuses on the organizational and structural aspects of content. Typical deliverables out of this phase include wireframes and rapid prototypes.

Ideate: We work together during this phase to determine design elements critical to support different types of users. It is during this phase that we will focus on the mobile experience.

Iterative: Options, options. During this phase Cask will provide up to 3 potential designs that we share with our customers. We will collaboratively review these and make decisions on the right fit for the user base.