Cask Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Consulting Services are uniquely crafted to address the specific objectives of our clients.

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Assessment prepared and assessment ready!

As the 3rd Authorized C3PAO, Cask recognizes the significance of obtaining Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and the preparatory steps required for a NIST 800-171 High/CMMC Assessment. Leveraging our extensive experience in conducting assessments and achieving a flawless score on our NIST 800-171 High Assessment with no POA&Ms, we understand the necessary measures for your organization to establish a secure environment and achieve your objectives.

The Cask Assessment Team will expertly navigate your organization through comprehending and implementing every facet of the CMMC Security Control Domains, Practices, and Objectives, ensuring a security posture that aligns seamlessly with all requirements. Whether your organization requires assistance in crafting documentation, seeks a Mock Assessment, Pre-Assessment, or Gap Analysis, or desires recommendations and enhancements for existing processes, including POA&M remediation, Cask offers the wealth of experience and expertise to assist you.

Helping you attain CMMC Compliance and enhancing your overall security posture mitigates the risk of cyber-attacks on both your organization and the Department of Defense (DoD). This is the core focus of Cask CMMC Consulting Services.

Reasons to Choose Cask

Personal Support

Cask’s number one priority is our clients. Working closely with you and your teams, Cask comes to understand your security posture, culture, and business processes.  Cask’s Assessment Team of Certified CMMC Assessors (CCA’s), CMMC Certified Professionals (CCP’s), a CMMC Provisional Instructor, and multiple SME’s, work as a team providing recommendations and enhancements to your processes and documentation. We aim to help you enhance your security posture and be prepared to pass your assessment with ease and success.

Our Expertise

Cask as the 3rd Authorized C3PAO has the experience and expertise to help you achieve Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Cask’s robust Assessment Team of CMMC Certified Assessors (CCA’s), Certified CMMC Professionals (CCP’s), a Provisional CMMC Instructor, and numerous SME’s, have conducted numerous successful JSV/CMMC Assessments, Pre-Assessments, Gap Analyses, and CMMC Consulting efforts. Cask has been providing Cyber Assessments to the DoD for over 19 years and is well versed in what it takes to achieve CMMC Certification.

Our Experience

Achieving a SPRS Score of 110, with no POA&Ms, on our DIBCAC High Assessment, as well as successfully conducting Joint Surveillance Voluntary (JSV) Assessments for Tier 1 Defense Contractors, and numerous CMMC Pre-Assessments, Gap Analyses, and CMMC Consulting efforts, Cask is an expert in helping contractors engaged with the Department of Defense (DoD) become CMMC prepared and assessment ready.  Cask understands the CMMC 2.0 Model, assessment process, and what it takes to be compliant to the CMMC/NIST 800-171 Security Control requirements. With our proven success and knowledge your organizations preparedness is in good hands.

Win Federal Contracts

Want to WIN Federal Contracts or be the chosen subcontractor? The DoD has started rolling out CMMC compliance requirements and upon onset of the Final CMMC Rulemaking any company that intends to bid on a DoD contract that contains Federal Contract Information (FCI) and/or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) will be required to be CMMC compliant at the time of contract award. The CMMC requirements also flow down to subcontractors, so if you already have the appropriate certification, what an edge over the competition you will have! Contact Cask to help you prepare and be ready!

Cost & Time Savings

Maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness by entrusting your CMMC Consulting requirements to Cask. As an Authorized C3PAO with a track record of conducting numerous successful assessments, our CMMC Assessment Team is equipped with the expertise to guide your organization towards assessment success. With Cask as your CMMC Consultant, you can be confident that you are receiving reliable guidance which equates to time savings and lower costs. Cask is a leading authority and trusted expert in Cybersecurity readiness and assessments.

Cask CMMC Readiness Program

Cask as the 3rd Authorized C3PAO understands the essential elements for achieving assessment success. Our Assessment Team consisting of CMMC Certified Assessors (CAA’s), CMMC Certified Professionals (CCP’s), a CMMC Provisional Instructor, and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) are versed in fields such as cloud computing, encryption, compliance, cyber security, and engineering. Cask will intentionally craft the perfect team for you to work with in addressing each of your Cybersecurity needs.

On a weekly basis, the Cask Assessment Team will collaborate with your team, analyzing your documentation, processes, as well as FCI and CUI environments, offering tailored recommendations and enhancements to bolster your security posture. Each CMMC Consulting effort is meticulously crafted to align with your requirements, ensuring that your organization receives precisely what it needs to achieve its objectives. Through weekly meetings, we will dive deep into ensuring your organization understands and master’s all facets of each CMMC Domain, Practice, and Objective requirement as well as the implementation of each recommendation.

With over 19 years of providing Cyber assessments to the DoD, Cask brings unparalleled expertise to the table. You can trust that we leverage CMMC guidance, industry best practices, and our extensive experience to pinpoint gaps and deficiencies in your environment, granting you the insight needed to address security issues effectively. Our tailored remediation roadmap is designed with your success in mind, guiding you through the development of necessary documentation such as an SSP, policies and procedures. We offer support in conducting CMMC readiness, reviewing your network and CUI diagrams, Asset Category list, and POA&M remediation.

When you contract Cask, you are tapping into a wealth of expertise in CMMC Assessments, data security, privacy principles, and a plethora of best practices and procedures. The Cask Assessment Team stands ready to help fortify your organization’s information security endeavors with leadership insights and comprehensive support.

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    Cask will guide your organization through achieving Cybersecurity Compliance for each of the Security Control requirements, mitigating the risk of cyber incidents.

    • Collaborate with Cask on a CMMC Consulting initiative, where we meticulously review, assess, and discuss each of the CMMC Domains, Practices, and Objectives. Cask will offer tailored recommendations and enhancements that address identified gaps and assist you in building your documentation.
    • Engage Cask to perform a CMMC Pre-Assessment (Mock Assessment) of your organization’s systems and processes.
    • Enlist Cask carry out a comprehensive Gap Analysis and furnish you with recommendations and enhancements to meet the Security Control requirements. 

    Cask will help you understand CUI and explain how to protect it within your environment.

    • The Cask Team of cybersecurity experts will collaborate with your team proposing improvements and best practices for your Network and System Plans, Policies, and Procedures, ensuring alignment with all CMMC 2.0 Domains, Practices, and Objectives.

    Cask will guide you and your organization through the CMMC process and collaborate with you to determine your organizations optimal path toward Cybersecurity Compliance. Specializing in tailoring solutions to meet our clients unique needs, we prioritize aligning with your organizations processes and best practices.

    • Cask’s Cybersecurity Experts will partner with you and your team to elucidate the Security Control requirements and navigate the journey towards CMMC 2.0 Compliance.

    Cask will assist you in identifying and delineating the scope of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) within your environment.

    • Cask’s Cybersecurity Experts will guide your team in understanding the 5 Scoping Categories within the CMMC Level 2 Scoping Guide and walk your team through creating an Asset Category List. Contact Cask for a FREE Consultation.