Apptio Business Partner

Cask’s Apptio and TBM experts hold the most number of certifications and are the most technically competent group of consultants in IT Planning and Budgeting in the Apptio partner community. With Cask’s background in IT best practices consulting and cross-domain expertise in areas of cost analysis, Cask and Apptio’s combined capabilities help federal clients plan and execute budgets, understand costs and standardize processes and taxonomies in a way that improves clients’ abilities to optimize their IT spend and operations while also staying compliant with FITARA and other legislation by easing information gathering and reporting.

Area of Focus

Cask is currently working closely with Apptio and the TBM Council in helping federal agencies understand their IT Costs and also with FITARA (Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act) requirements and compliance.

Benefits To Clients

Technology Business Management is a core competency for Cask. Our senior consultants combine decades of experience with helping clients improve their TBM programs and capabilities. Combining Cask’s TBM expertise with Apptio’s solution creates measurable benefits for our clients that include:

  • Reduction in budget planning cycles
  • Increased awareness of costs and IT spend
  • Better reporting and visibility of variance
  • Enhanced execution, compliance and decision-making
  • Improved procurement processes and compliance

Cask’s Apptio Service Offerings

  • TBM Readiness and Maturity Development
  • TBM Value Realization
  • IT Planning and Budgeting
  • Service Costing
  • IT Financial Management

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