HR Onboarding and Transitions

Employee Onboarding, Offboarding, and Transitions

Employee onboarding, offboarding, and transitions are one of the most complex operations HR departments undertake. Making them better, faster, and cheaper is more important than ever.
Employee Onboarding / Offboarding / Transition Process Design

Onboarding solutions are everywhere in the marketplace today but technology alone cannot solve this common HR challenge. In modern businesses these changes in an employees status are complex processes requiring the cooperation of HR, Facilities, IT, Security, and other organizations both inside and outside the organization. Cask has helped refine, optimize and modernize these enterprise processes for government, international corporations, and small local organizations.

ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions Implementation Services

Automating, digitizing, and mobile enabling employee transitions using ServiceNow is one of the best solutions out there for cross functional, cross system of record onboarding and offboarding.  Cask’s process centric approach to implementation ensures that a solution designed to cut the time needed to complete the transition from one employee state to another.