ServiceNow HR Management Consulting Services

Human Resources Digital Transformation and Case Management

Changing how we approach providing HR Services to employees is a big step forward. We make HR accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through the ServiceNow platform. Enabling HR management to effectively tackle this new world of insights is what we are here to do. Enterprise-level companies use our ServiceNow HR service delivery solutions to provide outstanding employee experiences.

Maximize your ServiceNow investment with personalized HR services.

HR Case Management Consulting

Speed up your HR service management services.

Cask, LLC assists in the rapid deployment of your ServiceNow HR management platform. We have helped enterprise-level and government organizations transform their HR services. Our team will collaborate with you in implementing your new and customized ServiceNow HR platform.

With our help, you can smoothly move your existing HR processes into a customized ServiceNow HR management solution. We migrate your current system into a functional, innovative environment.

Empower Your Team with Enhanced ServiceNow Capabilities

HR Cases are the records of interaction between employees and HR staff; it is the transcript of activity that helps the employee get the services that they need.  They can begin with a call to an HR service center or through the use of a catalog, similar to what you would find on a popular e-commerce website or in a traditional magazine-style catalog.

Cask, LLC helps companies design, create, and manage a catalog of cases to help them better measure the work of HR while providing superior service to their employees. As a Gold Services and Sales Partner with ServiceNow, you can count on us to help your organization adopt a comprehensive HR delivery model.

Innovate Your HR Process with Our Customized Solutions

Get started on the journey toward modernization. Our team will guide you in uncovering your workforce potential and empowering employees.
We offer customized solutions that drive higher employee engagement and speed up your HR processes. The services we offer include:

  • HR Case Management Design: We work with you to deliver the flexibility and data insights you need to resolve employee inquiries. Our team enhances the data integration capabilities of your platform. This gives your HR team the visibility they need to make informed decisions while handling employee cases.
  • Portfolio Management: Improve the project outcomes of your HR team. We customize the HR capabilities of ServiceNow platform owners. This way, you can execute your projects better and gain better visibility into your resources.
  • HR Case Metrics: Our platform helps you define the scope and impact of your HR processes. We help you establish HR metrics to measure the success of your initiatives and identify trends.
  • ServiceNow HR: We work with your existing software and ensure that your customized HR platform easily integrates with the apps and cloud system your company uses. Our team enhances your ServiceNow capabilities to speed up employee transitions and optimize HR service delivery.
  • Governance and Maturity Roadmapping: Before you implement your HR initiatives, it pays to know your strengths and weaknesses. Count on our team to help you come up with maturity assessment models and devise a roadmap to guide you toward success.

HR Digital Transformation

Moving from a world of paper to a world of digital HR cases can be a big transition.  Cask helps companies bridge the gap from a single long Employee Action Form on a shared drive and email driven processes to a world for digitally available and enabled HR services. When combined with a shift to a new way of working, a ServiceNow HR Case Management Implementation can transform your company. Integrating your entire Human Capital Management (HCM) toolset as a part of a transformational effort can be a challenge. Many organizations today are filled with specialty HR systems. Moving those functions to the cloud and integrating them into a single Human Capital Management approach is the key to transforming your HR department. Changing the way people work and how they engage with each other can require more support than just turning on a tool. We offer:

  • Organizational Design Consulting
  • Organizational Change Management Consulting and Execution Support
  • HR Case Management
  • Training Design, Creation, and Execution
  • Shared Services Design
  • Knowledge Management Design, Consulting, and Enablement
  • HR Case & Knowledge Metrics & Reporting Design and Creation

ServiceNow HR Case Management Implementation

As a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner that also speaks HR, Cask is positioned to help turn on Servicenow HR Case Management and Knowledge Tools to support your organization. This minimalist approach is designed to get you the tools you need for a fast, efficient implementation that will position your company for success and maturation over time. Perfect for the crawl, walk, run approach. We offer:

  • Basic Case Management Design
  • ServiceNow HR Case Management Implementation
  • Integrations between HRIS / HCM systems and ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow HR Knowledge Management Implementation
  • Technical Knowledge Transfer
  • ServiceNow HR Governance and Maturity Road-mapping

HR Case Management Design and Creation

Your HR Case Management environment is going to mature over time but maintaining a constant team to design and implement new case types may not make sense for you. Who staffs for peak activities after all. Cask offers a design and creation capability to help you roll out new HR Case Types in a predictable manner at a fixed cost, with no more surprises. We offer:

  • HR Case Design Working Sessions
  • Service Catalog Factory