Human Resources Contingent Labor Management

Contingent Labor Management – Getting the most out of temporary labor in your environment

Flexible Processes. Actionable Data. Measurable Results.

With more and more of our workforces moving to a contingent and temporary worker labor model the ability to get these workers productive quickly and out of the environment cleanly has become increasingly more important. Cask provides a unique perspective and a set of tools to help deal with this emerging business challenge.

Contingent Worker Management

Managing temporary workers in your environment is a complex business problem. The processes have more moving parts than hiring most employees, There are staffing vendors to be managed, hiring managers to coordinate with, internal processes protecting against co-employment to be enacted, the worker to be onboarded, and ultimately the worker to be offboarded.

Coordinating and managing those activities takes expertise and forethought.

Cask can help bring technology and business expertise in these areas to help with these issues.

  • Staffing Vendor Onboarding
  • Staffing  Vendor Performance Management
  • Contingent worker request management
  • Contingent worker interview and contracting management
  • Contingent worker onboarding
  • Temporary Worker knowledge management
  • Contingent worker performance management
  • Contingent worker offboarding