COVID-19 and the Impact on Government Contractors


COVID-19 and the Impact on Government Contractors

A work-from-home policy can pose a challenge for contractors who work on government sites. Working-from-home mandates that IT and cybersecurity infrastructures be in place and secure. Can contractors afford to work-from-home and maintain uninterrupted performance for these infrastructures?

Fortunately, through the CARES Act, federal agencies are given the authority to “amend terms and conditions of contracts to reimburse contractors whose employees and subcontractors are unable to work on federally approved work sites, including federally-owned facilities.”

Embracing The Working-From-Home Model

The intelligence community never stopped working during the coronavirus pandemic. Many government agencies have already phased in the majority of its workforce back into the office, but several agencies have switched to work-from-home only.

In a recent article published in FCW, John McDermott, an emergency management specialist for the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, has recommended alternate work schedules and staying at home. The State Department recently conducted a survey and learned that two-thirds of projects could be shifted to work-from-home only.

In addition, Randi Fofi, director of installation operations at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), said the COVD-19 pandemic has put into focus the challenges that many individuals and families face outside of work. The NGA is in the process of establishing a process to maximize the work-from-home policy and adapt to child care and other personal schedules. The idea, he said, is to “lean forward as far as possible to make things flexible for people.”

Best Practices to Deal With COVID-19

There are several ways to deal with challenges posed by COVID-19, including:

Regular communication. Reach out to your contracting officer to discuss the necessary steps to take when handling potential issues related to the virus. If you think your job performance will be affected, be sure to let your contracting officer know. Document everything, including costs and delays due to the virus.

Review contracts. Contractors should review their current and future contracts for an “excusable delay” clause that prevents them from fulfilling the duties of the contract.

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