The LFOC – Cask Rises to the Challenge


The Landing Force Operations Center, or LFOC, is the means by which the Marine Corps performs command and control of amphibious landings. These facilities are deployed afloat on amphibious warfare ships. The MCTSSA LFOC Lab is modeled after a shipboard LFOC in respect to form, fit, and functions unique to shipboard operations, but it is deployed on land where it can provide testing and support capabilities year round. The LFOC emulates the complex technical network, communications constraints and challenges that exist when embarked on a ship, and provides a persistent, realistic environment for test and engineering efforts in the Afloat C2 domain.

Cask had two primary roles in the LFOC project; determining requirements and building the actual platform. Requiring expertise in multiple security levels and computer networks, Cask’s mission was to maintain environment fidelity while providing the virtual resources needed to simulate operations in a realistic manner. This physical location represents the space, layout, and connectivity via network and technical environments available to provide integration scenarios that facilitate systems testing to ensure smooth field operations.

Though your needs may be different, Cask goes above and beyond to do what it takes to meet the necessary challenges in any project.