Vendor Neutral Certification Cuts Through the Cloud


As Cloud Computing continues to gain traction as a technology investment solution, education becomes more important to ensure that organizations have a vendor-neutral, common vocabulary to weed out the marketing hype from reality.  Cask now offers through our partner ITpreneurs a training program and simulation-based educational experience geared toward the CompTIA certification exam validate knowledge and understanding of cloud computing principles and concepts, including what cloud computing means from a business and technical perspective and what’s involved in moving to and governing the cloud.

Potential candidates for the new credential include IT professionals in companies utilizing cloud computing solutions today, or contemplating doing so; and individuals involved in the selling of cloud services. Though not required, it’s recommended that candidates for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam have a general working knowledge of how an internal or external IT organization operates and have at least six months of experience in an IT environment, with direct involvement in IT-related tasks, responsibilities and decision-making.

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