Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence: Stopping bad actors by identifying threats before they occur

Threats come from both internal and external sources and identifying those security threats and making informed decisions can stop bad actors before they ever penetrate your network. The ServiceNow Threat Intelligence application is used to access and provide a point of reference for your company’s Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX™) data.

ServiceNow Implementation Services

Cask helps Customers implement the ServiceNow Threat Intelligence application which is used to access and provide a point of reference for clients Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX™) data which is used for security case management and for analyzing threats to our clients network by targeted by state actors and targeted threat campaigns. Included in Threat Intelligence is the Security Case Management application, which provides a means for analyzing threats to your organization posed by targeted campaigns or state actors.

STIX is a language for describing cyber threat information in a standardized and structured manner. Using STIX data and Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information (TAXII™) profiles, threat professionals can use shared cyber threat information to isolate threats that have been previously identified by your company and from other sources. TAXII makes widespread automated exchange of cyber threat information possible.