10 High-Paying, Low Unemployment IT Contractor Jobs


high paying IT contractor jobs

Technology continues to advance at a remarkable pace and we rely on it more than ever, especially when it comes to staying in touch with our friends and family or consuming the latest news in real-time on our computers, tablets or smartphones. In order to maintain this level of activity, we need the skills of Information Technology (IT) professionals to make it possible. These individuals typically serve as full-time IT staff members within an organization or outsourced as IT contractors.

In the past, individuals would search for their dream job with the intention of staying with the company their entire career, and simply advancing their way up the corporate ladder. But a new generation of workers (millennials) has no desire to stay in a company for 10-20 years. They would rather “job-hop” and gain more experience serving in a variety of roles at several companies.

Top Paying IT Jobs

According to the U.S. News & World Report, the following is a list of the highest-paying IT jobs that also has the lowest unemployment rates.

  1. Software Developer | Median Salary – $103,620
  2. IT Manager | Median Salary – $142,530
  3. Web Developer | Median Salary – $69,430
  4. Database Administrator | Median Salary – $90,070
  5. Information Security Analyst | Median Salary – $98,350
  6. Computer Systems Analyst | Median Salary – $88,740
  7. Computer Network Architect | Median Salary – $109,020
  8. Computer Systems Administrator | Median Salary – $82,050
  9. Computer Support Specialist | Median Salary – $53,470
  10. Computer Programmer | Median Salary – $84,280


Join Our Team at Cask

With a retention rate of 90 percent, a great career path is to become an IT staff member with Cask, a large government contracting firm based in Stafford, VA. Cask’s success is based upon its most valuable assets – the people who work here. With a comprehensive benefits package and job stability, we strive to infuse our culture with the trust that makes people comfortable. Integrity serves as the backbone of our company and a spirit of teamwork makes every person an active participant in Cask’s future.

At Cask, we strive to operate with an entrepreneurial business focus and when we do it successfully, we can attract and maintain the younger millennials. We maintain a culture that is inclusive, open and try to keep our environment ‘fun” while meeting our daily requirements.

The Cask Difference

Combination of Business Domain Experience and Know-How

Allows us to deliver solutions that change, grow, and operate the business more efficiently and effectively

Operate Well in Highly Regulated Industries

With complex procurement and compliance rules

Provide End-to-End Capabilities for Customers

  • Business process design and automation
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing operational execution

Global Service Integrators Capabilities

  • With small business agility and specialist expertise
  • Accelerate time to value

Cask Delivers Results

Cask delivers business and technology advisory and consulting services to help our customers achieve success. Founded in 2004, Cask saw the need to help clients use and unlock the value of technology in more efficient and cost effective ways. Cask consultants consider the bigger picture and determine how greater value can be created by aligning IT strategy with the overall mission strategy.

Through its four pillar IT Strategy and Consulting Framework, Cask helps produce IT staff, services, processes and assets that are aligned to your organization’s mission. The alignment results in greater IT cost savings, more efficient processes, more return on the IT investment, and more effective IT staff.

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