FITARA Report Card Results Discussed on Federal Tech Talk Featuring Cask Director, Mark Larsen.


Radio Show Recap: Improving transparency through FITARA

Today’s guest are Mark Larsen, director at Cask, LLC, and David Cheseborough, president, AFEI.  Both have extensive experience with federal information technology projects and are in the studio to talk about FITARA, an initiative to improve transparency and efficiency of federal IT projects.

In this program we take a look at the meaning behind the FITARA scores released last week by the House Oversight Committee Review.  Partial FITARA grades have been given and now is the time for analysis.  In academia, grades are used for
assessment, grade promotion, and qualification for graduation.  As a result, we tend to pour this value into any kind of grade.  Nobody got an A’s and several agencies got “D’s” and “Fs.”

Virginia Representative Gerry Connelly says these grades are meant to be a juridical, not prescriptive exercise.  Tony Scott indicates these grades are an indication of where we are today.  The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, and this observation is apparent with the grades that have been released.

Cask, ITFM

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